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Polycrystalline Solar Panel


Maximum power (Pmax) : 10W
Cell type : polycrystalline silicon solar cell

Minimum Order: 500  Pieces

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Maximum power (Pmax)                10W
Maximum power voltage (Vmp)          17.0V
Maximum power current (Imp)           0.58A
Open circuit voltage (Voc)               21.6V
Short circuit current (Isc)                0.68A
Power tolerance                        +10%/-5%
Standard test conditions(stc)    

irradiance 1000w/m2, cell temperature 25,


Cell type                                          
polycrystalline silicon solar cell
Number of cells                           36(4*9)
Dimensions                              360*305*25mm 
Weight                                   1.6kg
Frame                                   Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Front glass                                tempered glass 
Back cover                               TPT
Encapsulate                              EVA

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