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Monocrystalline Solar Panel


Maximum power (Pmax) : 220W 225W 230W 235W 240W 245W 250W 255W 260W
Cell type : monocrystalline silicon solar cell

Minimum Order: 500  Pieces

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Maximum power (Pmax)               

220W 225W  230W  235W  240W 

245W 250W  255W  260W


Maximum power voltage (Vmp)         

47.5V 47.7V  47.8V  47.9V  48.0V 

 48.1V 48.2V  48.3V  48.5V


Maximum power current (Imp)          

4.63A 4.72A  4.81A  4.91A  5.01A 

 5.10A  5.19A 5.28A  5.36A


Open circuit voltage (Voc)              

57.0V 57.2V  57.3V  57.4V  57.6V 

57.7V 57.8V  58.0V  58.2V


Short circuit current (Isc)               

5.17A 5.28A  5.39A  5.49A  5.61A 

 5.71A 5.81A  5.91A  6.00 A


Power tolerance                        ±3%
Standard test conditions(stc)    

irradiance 1000w/m2, cell temperature 25,


Cell type                                          
monocrystalline silicon solar cell 
Number of cells                           96(8*12)
Dimensions                              1580*1066*50mm   
Weight                                   21kg
Frame                                   Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Front glass                                tempered glass 
Back cover                               TPT
Encapsulate                              EVA

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